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Employer Case Study
Healthcare Language Services: Immigrants Provide Vital Services to Chicago’s Global Community

Name: Kim Taylor

Company: Healthcare Language Services

Healthcare Language Services was one of the first employers to join our Chicago network and has been regularly hiring Upwardly Global candidates ever since. Kim Taylor, the president and founder of the organization has wholeheartedly helped us spread the message that growing businesses can thrive by accessing the many talented immigrant professionals who now call Chicago home.

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Candidate Profile

Profession: Legal Assistant, Nonprofit

Name: Shabana A.

Country: India

Years Experience: 10


Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and a degree in Law

Professional Summary:

Ten years of experience in litigation. A skilled trainer focusing on human rights and legal issues, with expertise on issues relating to violence against women, gender and discrimination, and housing rights. Multilingual.


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Home For Employers Employer Spotlights A valuable partnership grows out of volunteerism

A valuable partnership grows out of volunteerism

A Foreign Exchange Senior Analyst at Wells Fargo in San Francisco, Kimberly shares how her volunteer experience has turned into opportunity for herself, her community and her employer.

Wells Fargo

A valuable partnership grows out of volunteerism


Foreign Exchange Senior Analyst

I first learned about Upwardly Global through my team manager who also volunteers and I thought the organization would be a great partner in generating diverse hires for Wells Fargo.  I volunteer regularly at Upwardly Global program workshops that train jobseekers in business networking and interviewing skills, and I often promote Upwardly Global volunteer events to my Wells Fargo team members.  Wells Fargo now has a strong base of team members invested in Upwardly Global’s work and furthering Wells Fargo’s commitment to diversity.  I also currently serve as the co-Chair of the Upwardly Global San Francisco Leadership Council.

I am able to use my professional and career coaching skills to help recent immigrants build the professional networks and develop the job search skills they need to restart their professional careers in the U.S. and improve their lives.  In 2009, I mentored two jobseekers.  I was especially proud to help empower Dharav, a job seeker from India, with the skills and encouragement he needed to reach his goal of becoming a personal banker at Wells Fargo.  Dharav’s manager said the reason for hiring Dharav was his enthusiasm, knowledge of Wells Fargo’s company culture, and commitment to the community that he gained while working with me as his mentor.

I’m proud to work at a company that invests in the communities where we work and believes that our company can only be successful if the members of our community are also financially successful.  By helping low-income immigrants improve their lives financially, we are helping our community succeed as a whole.  Volunteering at Upwardly Global supports Wells Fargo’s “Six Steps to Diversity” in many ways.  We are showing a commitment to diversity in the workplace and at all levels of management, taking accountability for diversity, and learning how to promote an inclusive work environment.  By supporting Upwardly Global, Wells Fargo and its team members show that we care about the immigrant community and believe in hiring talented and diverse team members.  Through our volunteer work with Upwardly Global, we are establishing long-term relationships with diverse communities and becoming well-known as a diverse company.

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