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Success Stories
Colombian Physician Starts Again

Name: Paola

Country: Colombia

Profession: Resident – Family Medicine

A native Colombian, Paola was working at one of the Chile’s largest public hospitals. In 2007, she moved to the Windy City to start a new life. "For a long time I didn't do anything, because I didn't have the contacts or anything…” she says. Then Paola connected with Upwardly Global. “They really changed my life.”

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Upwardly Global's Impact

"He who dreams is not a fool. Let us not all have a place for self-doubt and despair as we should always try to convert adversities and odds into opportunities. I thank you all Upwardly Global team for providing help and inspiration when it was badly needed."

Name: Abebe Gellaw

Country: Ethiopia

Profession: Executive Director

Company: Ethiopian Satellite Televison

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New Hampshire Professional Licensing Guides

Congratulations on exploring how to become a licensed professional in the state of New Hampshire! Following are some tips and important information for you to know. This is a lengthy process and it is not easy, so prepare yourself well. The following pages will give you specific step-by-step information on how to proceed and will also provide some time and cost comparison information to help you decide what to do.

New Hampshire Professional Licensing Guides for Health Careers

New Hampshire Professional Licensing Guides for multiple health professions will be included here as they are created. The guides explain what foreign-trained immigrants need to know before applying for a professional license in New Hampshire. The intention is to help skilled immigrants prepare efficiently to license in accordance with  the high professional standards of the state.

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