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Success Stories
A Financial Professional Relaunches A Promising Career

Name: Ruchi

Country: India

Profession: Working for a leading U.S. bank

Determined not to let her two master's degrees in finance and five years of experience go to waste, Ruchi nonetheless kept hitting walls at every turn in her U.S. job search. In early 2014, Ruchi enrolled in our Women's Services Program and began working with her UpGlo career advisor. Several months later, when she was invited to interview at a leading U.S. bank, Ruchi was prepared. She completed all of her interview rounds in one day, and received an offer the following day.

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Upwardly Global's Impact

"I am grateful for Upwardly Global. These past months changed my whole experience as a job seeker. You have a great team, they are the best and you should be proud of them. I feel lucky working with you."

Name: Felipe Santander

Country: Chile

Profession: Architect

Company: Todd Jersey Architecture

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New Hampshire Professional Licensing Guides

Congratulations on exploring how to become a licensed professional in the state of New Hampshire! Following are some tips and important information for you to know. This is a lengthy process and it is not easy, so prepare yourself well. The following pages will give you specific step-by-step information on how to proceed and will also provide some time and cost comparison information to help you decide what to do.

New Hampshire Professional Licensing Guides for Health Careers

New Hampshire Professional Licensing Guides for multiple health professions will be included here as they are created. The guides explain what foreign-trained immigrants need to know before applying for a professional license in New Hampshire. The intention is to help skilled immigrants prepare efficiently to license in accordance with  the high professional standards of the state.

Dentist Nurse Pharmacist Physician Physician Assistant

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