Since our founding in 2000, Upwardly Global has helped over 4,000 immigrant and refugee women find professional jobs.

Celebrating Women Across the Globe

Upwardly Global understands that women immigrants and refugees bring special abilities and challenges to the United States and to our workforce. Some 50% of our program participants are women, many in STEM fields, where women are not well represented.

This International Women’s Day, Upwardly Global is celebrating courageous immigrant women as they strive to reestablish lives and livelihoods in their new homes. These stories are a source of inspiration and hope, and they are also a powerful force for change through reframing of the immigrant narrative.

We invite you to listen to these stories and to share your own using #GlobalWomenThrive.

Our Women’s Stories

Meet Ivana

Ivana was a celebrated journalist in South Sudan – some people even named their daughters after her because she was the model of a strong woman. When she came to the United States, she was alone with her son and pregnant. They knew no one, and their first home was a shelter in New York.

It’s been a hard journey, especially during the pandemic. But Ivana recently connected to Upwardly Global and she’s determined to get back to the career she loves. This connection has rekindled her hope.

Meet Shorena

Shorena worked in international development in Georgia before moving to Maryland to be with her husband. While she initially struggled to break through the interview process (certain that her foreign accent was judged negatively), with help from a career coach at Upwardly Global, Shorena was able to continue her career working in grant development at a U.S. nonprofit.

Meet Haleemat

Upwardly Global became Haleemat’s support system and helped her get back on her feet, regain her confidence and build connection, and eventually re-launch her career as a data analyst.

She now has three young children and a career she loves; her community and an incredibly supportive employer have been critical during the pandemic. Balancing childcare, at-home learning, and work has become the norm for many Americans during Covid-19. Immigrant women have always struggled with these hard realities, and have been hit especially hard over the last year as some 5 million women combined have left the workforce. They need community more than ever.

Meet Lubab

Dr. Lubab Al-Quraishi practiced medicine in her home country of Iraq for ten years before coming to the United States as a refugee. When she arrived in 2014, she found it extremely difficult to renew her medical license and find a job appropriate for her skills. Her story is a must-listen to understand the experience of immigrant and refugee medical professionals navigating the United States job market.

Meet Jina

Jina, our CEO, as she discusses why Upwardly Global’s work helping immigrant and refugee women is personal for her.

Jina and her three sisters were raised by her mother, an immigrant from India, who worked survival jobs while tirelessly fighting for new opportunities for her children. Based on her experience, Jina is proud to lead an organization dedicated to helping immigrant and refugee women thrive in their new homes.

Meet Yulia

Yulia moved to the US with her family almost 3 years ago. She thought that she had everything necessary to find a job: a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and 12 years of relevant experience with international and American companies.

Connecting with Upwardly Global was a game-changer. Yulia’s coach helped her rebuild her network and re-format her resume, and after several rounds of interviews, she found herself with not one but THREE job offers!

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