Our People

It’s all about the People

Upwardly Global believes in people. And a supportive, wildly hopeful, deeply dedicated and fun community of individuals make our work possible every day.

Meet Our People

Our Staff
The folks we spend time with every day and whose dedication to our mission and our immigrant and refugee job seekers is unparalleled.

Our Board
The individuals who guide, support and lead Upwardly Global and whose wise council we seek as we try to navigate uncharted waters and move mountains.

Our Leadership Councils
We are blessed with champions and alumni of Upwardly Global who gather in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, DC to volunteer, contribute to and open doors for our community.

Our Ambassadors
Upwardly Global’s newest effort to build the resonance of our work is our major donors group, which meets quarterly in special conversations with leading workforce experts and our immigrant community.

Join Our Community

You can help us to unlock opportunity and transform lives. Get involved with Upwardly Global’s work in building a nation where everyone can fully contribute and thrive. 

  • Refer: Your referrals of family, friends, co-workers and community members to our free career pathways program helps us support them. 
  • Hire: Your company can connect to UpGlo’s pool of global talent.
  • Volunteer: You can support our job seekers in building the skills, network, and confidence to succeed. 
  • Advocate: Your voice matters in building policies and programs that champion equity and inclusion.
  • Donate: Your support creates an 11-fold return in economic benefit for our job seekers, their families, local communities, and our workforce and economy. 

And be in touch if you have questions or ideas or want to explore leadership positions at Upwardly Global – info@upwardlyglobal.org.

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