Building Opportunity – Not Walls – Advances Our Future

Building Opportunity – Not Walls – Advances Our Future

As the U.S. government shutdown has advanced into its fourth week, Upwardly Global understands the urgency for the government to get back to business. It is critical for hardworking government employees, including numerous Upwardly Global program alumni, to return to work. Yet the proposal shared by the White House over the weekend—a plan that called for funding a border wall in exchange for temporary protections for some groups of immigrants—misses the mark.

For generations, newcomers have powered our country forward through hard work, innovation, and resilience. Upwardly Global believes that holding their futures hostage to a border wall goes against our country’s shared values and economic best interests.

We support the noble goals of national security and public safety, but believe that a true fix to our challenges begins in recognizing that immigrants, refugees, and asylees are an asset rather than a threat to this country. Upwardly Global has seen this first-hand in working with thousands of newcomers over the years, in translating their aspirations to contribute to this country into $252 million in taxes and consumer spending each year. Beyond economics, Upwardly Global program alumni share a commitment to civic engagement—volunteering, mentoring, giving back to our program and other community organizations—that embodies the best of who we are as a country.

Rather than backing a border wall, UpGlo joins the call for investments in programs that build vibrant, equitable communities and economies that welcome everyone’s contributions. We know that economic opportunity is one of the best assets in building a safe, secure, prosperous country.

Upwardly Global remains committed to its mission of eliminating barriers so that work-authorized immigrants and refugees can fully contribute to this country, securing a strong shared future for us all. We thank you for your ongoing support of our work and of newcomer communities across the country.

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