Upwardly Global’s Response to Order Indefinitely Extending Travel Ban

Upwardly Global’s Response to Order Indefinitely Extending Travel Ban

We are deeply disappointed by the president’s order to indefinitely extend the travel ban on most citizens of Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad and North Korea, and increase scrutiny of citizens of Iraq and Venezuela.

At Upwardly Global, we have worked with thousands of immigrants and refugees, many hailing from these countries, who are now our coworkers, neighbors, and friends. When we as a nation welcome these individuals and catalyze their potential, we send a signal around the world about our values. We believe that America should remain a beacon for those who seek to contribute to our democratic, cultural, and economic experience, regardless of their country of origin.

We expect that there will be new legal challenges to these travel restrictions. As we learn more about the implications for immigrants and refugees, we will continue to update our program participants, supporters, and partners.

UpGlo will also continue to support newcomers as they build their careers and lives in the United States, and to collaborate with partners who are advocating for sound immigration policies that reflect our national values.

Nikki Cicerani is the President and CEO of Upwardly Global.

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