COVID-19 Emergency Services for Job Seekers and Alumni

COVID-19 Emergency Services for Job Seekers and Alumni

Upwardly Global’s offices are closed, but we are still working, connecting, and supporting immigrant and refugee professionals in rebuilding their careers in the U.S. If you know anyone who would benefit from UpGlo’s innovative skill-building, coaching, and networking programs, please refer them to our application.

Recognizing that your needs may be changing rapidly due to COVID-19, we’ve put together the following resource guide. Included are links to government, nonprofit, and other services that can help stabilize your family’s income, nutrition, healthcare, and other basic needs. The guide will be updated periodically as more programs become available.

The first section includes programs that are national in scope. The second section includes state resources within Upwardly Global’s service area. We cannot capture all available state and local resources, so we recommend you stay informed of developments in your area by following local news. You can also dial 211 or use https://www.auntbertha.com/ if you need help finding local resources.

Be sure to follow federal and state policy actions on COVID-19. New economic relief measures and other policy changes occur daily:

If you cannot find the right kind of support in this guide, reach out to your main point of contact at Upwardly Global to seek further guidance and referrals. If you have any feedback or suggested additions to this document, please send an email to: 

Tim Workman, tim@upwardlyglobal.org 

As always, please visit the Center for Disease Control’s page on how best to prepare yourself and your family for COVID-19. If you would like to share information on COVID-19 with family members and friends who do not speak English, you can find informational flyers in other languages here. You can track COVID-19 cases across the U.S. here

Above all, don’t panic, and stay safe! We will get through this together.


Income & Nutrition



Banking & Debt


Legal & Immigration

Resources by State

Resource Directories

  • Dial 211: (http://211.org/) A free, confidential telephone service that helps you find social services resources in your area.
  • AuntBertha.com Social Care Network: (https://www.auntbertha.com/) This is a free search engine that helps you find low and no-cost social services in your area.


  • [Bay Area & LA] One Degree: (https://www.1degree.org/) This is a free search engine that finds social services in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.










New Jersey

New York






Washington, D.C.

Washington State