Explore New Talent Pools: Embrace The Opportunity From Skilled Legal Immigrants

Explore New Talent Pools: Embrace The Opportunity From Skilled Legal Immigrants

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A new report by Oliver Wyman and Upwardly Global dispels myths about Skilled Legal Immigrants (SLIs) and offers practical advice to employers for hiring them.

The report surveyed more than 400 US employers and SLIs, and interviewed hiring managers, diversity experts, Chief HR Officers, and SLIs, to better understand what SLIs are facing when entering the workforce and to find realistic corporate hiring strategies and solutions. As the U.S. looks to improve productivity and fill the talent loss from 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day (Pew Research Center), it is critically important for companies to tap into the expertise of SLIs.

The report also outlined three employer strategies to attract, assess and hire SLI candidates.

  1. Recognize and offset positive biases: Acknowledge the positive biases favoring “more familiar” candidates and create opportunities for SLIs to connect with your organization and its employees. SLIs are often at a distinct disadvantage due to a more limited professional network and unfamiliarity with US culture and recruiting norms. Employers may want to consider adding a “buddy” during the interview process, who can serve as a non-evaluative source of insight into the company.
  2. Develop standardized frameworks to evaluate candidates: When screening resumes and conducting the interview process, ensure fair evaluation of all candidates based on their skills and potential contributions to the team. Having standardized interview questions and evaluation forms, as well as second resume screeners, can help limit bias against minority group candidates.
  3. Establish partnerships to attract diverse candidates to your organization: Leverage internal and external partnerships to improve the flow of diverse candidates and promote an environment of diversity and inclusion at your organization.  Employers should go beyond the standard recruitment channels such as the company’s website, LinkedIn and job boards and look at internal employee resource groups and external nonprofits which can provide direct access to a more diverse talent pool.

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