Fact Sheet: Who are Refugees, Asylum Seekers & Migrants?

Fact Sheet: Who are Refugees, Asylum Seekers & Migrants?

Worldwide, an estimated 68.5 million people across the globe are displaced from their homes due to violence, poverty, climate change, and political persecution. This is the highest level of human displacement and movement on record, but can be managed with specific efforts to welcome newcomers and fully integrate them into communities and economies.

Upwardly Global is committed to helping people on the move refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants rebuild their lives and careers after they arrive in the United States. We believe that providing work-authorized newcomers with tools for professional success shapes a strong shared future for all Americans.

Who does Upwardly Global serve? Here’s a quick guide to understand the difference between refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants:

  • Refugees have fled their homes because of war, violence, and persecution. Many refugees stay in neighboring countries until conditions in their home countries improve. Some refugees apply to permanently resettle in third countries, including the United States. Before arriving, refugees undergo lengthy background checks, complete cultural orientations, and receive authorization to work in the United States. 
  • Asylum Seekers also flee unsafe conditions in their countries, but apply for protection after arriving in a country them deem safe. People seeking asylum in the United States must present themselves to authorities after crossing the border. They must prove that they meet minimum requirements to apply for protections, and then begin a more lengthy application for asylum status. Asylum seekers receive work authorization, allowing them to support themselves and their families while their cases are pending. 
  • Immigrants have decided to leave their home countries for a variety of reasons to seek a job, to pursue educational opportunities, or to reunite with family members. Immigrants undergo lengthy vetting processes to apply for visas and work authorization. There are various types visas available to people seeking to temporarily or permanently relocate to the United States, but length times are often long and the number of visas available is often not high enough to meet demand.

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