Job Searching During a Pandemic: How-to Guide

Job Searching During a Pandemic: How-to Guide

At UpGlo, we are encouraging our immigrant and refugee professional job seekers to keep going despite a slowing economy. The most secure jobs right now are in the professional sphere, and companies are still hiring. But where does one start? This guide from our Employment Team can help point you in the right direction.

Get the job search support you need.

Job searching can be difficult to do alone, especially now. If you are an immigrant or refugee professional and you would like assistance navigating the U.S. job market, successfully applying for jobs, and connecting with elite employers, consider joining Upwardly Global’s free job search program. If you do not qualify for our full program, sign up for our online short courses and peruse our free resource library.

Job Search Program for Immigrant and Refugee Professionals

Online Short Courses for the Public

Jobversity Resource Library

Take care of your basic needs.

Securing your finances, housing, food, and other basic needs is essential to your job search. Take control of your needs using our comprehensive guide, which includes information on immigrant eligibility for important public programs.

Upwardly Global’s COVID-19 Emergency Services Guide 

Set up your workspace.

Set up a quiet, dedicated workspace in your home, if possible, with strong internet access and the office accessories you need to make your work go smoothly. 

Low-Cost Internet and Computers

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Have a plan of attack.

Set aside dedicated time for working with minimal distractions. You may want to organize your job search using a common productivity method and/or a Kanban-style app to keep track of your tasks.

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Stay informed.

How is your industry adapting to economic change? Where is the demand and the slowdown? Knowing the answers can help make you smarter about your job search and better at selling yourself to employers. The best way to stay informed is to read widely, join online conversations, and follow industry leaders on LinkedIn.

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Know who’s hiring.

More than just knowing broader industry trends, hunt for the companies that are hiring. Chances are, demand for new hires has merely shifted and not gone away in your industry.

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Improve your LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn profile is more important now than ever. LinkedIn has experienced record levels of engagement since the pandemic, and with 690 million active users it is the best way you can connect with other professionals and recruiters while at home. Update your photo, strengthen your headline and summary, update your work experience, and start connecting.

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Get really good at virtual conferencing.

Much of hiring and work is now online with the aid of major teleconferencing apps. Get comfortable with the most common ones, learn good video etiquette, and master the virtual interview.

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Keep networking, remotely.

Networking is crucial to your professional development and still possible while working from home. Stay in touch with existing contacts on LinkedIn or through the desired channel, attend virtual job fairs and networking events, and set up informational interviews with new connections. If you are an Upwardly Global job seeker, take advantage of our many virtual networking events and informational interview opportunities.

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Build your hard skills.

It is important to work on your technical skills while job hunting. Take online classes, volunteer, or do contract and gig work to show future employers that you are making the best of your downtime. If you are an UpGlo job seeker, ask your job coach about our low and no-cost technical training opportunities.

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Keep applying.

Yes, companies are still hiring. Here are some tips you may find useful:

  • Listed positions may not actually be open right now. Reach out to recruiters for more information.
  • If you get an interview, ask how long the process is/what you can expect and what software the company uses. Run a test call on their chosen platform before the interview. Do NOT accept an in-person interview if it feels unsafe or goes against local shelter-in-place rules.
  • During your interview, ask: How has COVID-19 impacted strategic business and hiring goals? What is the work-from-home mandate like at this company? In what ways is this company supporting its workers during this time? How would you describe the culture and feel of the office during normal times?
  • If you get hired, ask about their onboarding timetable and what it involves.
Be patient!

Many companies are adapting to the pandemic and economic slowdown, which means they may have stopped hiring for some roles or even rescinded job offers. HR departments are also in the process of adapting to online hiring, which means interviewing and onboarding may be going slower than usual. The best approach is to remain cordial, understanding, and communicative with recruiters and hiring managers.  

Rescinded Offers and Hiring Freezes: Tips for Job Seekers

For more information about this guide or Upwardly Global services, contact Tim Workman at outreach@upwardlyglobal.orgThis guide will be updated as new resources come to our attention.

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