How to support the Afghan community in the U.S.

How to support the Afghan community in the U.S.

If you want to help Afghans arriving in the U.S. or are an arriving Afghan — please click here to get resources and help.


Upwardly Global shared this letter with our community on 8/8.

We are devastated to watch the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan unfold. As the U.S. continues to withdraw its military forces from the country, the Taliban have quickly claimed territory and retribution against pro-U.S. forces and their Afghan allies is feared.

Upwardly Global is a key organization working directly with Afghans, including those who supported U.S. troops as translators, engineers, embassy clerks, and whose safety is at risk. These individuals and their families come to the U.S. on a Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs). Upwardly Global has worked with over 1,900 SIVs to integrate their talents into the workforce and return to their careers, and 115 of our active job seekers today are SIVs.

SIVs are a largely invisibilized community that has demonstrated extreme bravery and faced trauma and hardship — and they are a critical part of our community. We stand with our Afghan community and alumni who have family members and loved ones living inside the country. While we watch searing events unfold, we reassert the strength of our community and our commitment to each other for support and strength, especially during times of acute need. 

And, even as the Biden Administration tries to honor its promise to give 8,000+ additional SIV visas, we are monitoring the flow and process for SIVs entering into the U.S. With partners, we are looking to build a direct referral pipeline to our services to ensure a fast track to rebuild their lives and highlight their manifold contributions.

At this moment, Upwardly Global is also collecting and sharing resources with our Afghan community. If you have additional ways you can support, please reach out to us at rebeccan@upwardlyglobal.org.

In solidarity,
Jina Krause-Vilmar
President & CEO, Upwardly Global


Initial legal and general resources are below to be shared broadly – our coaches are also supporting job seekers with additional resources on an individual and confidential basis. Please share this list and link broadly.

IF you are an Afghan living in the United States, please apply for our free career services here or be in touch by email. More support:

  1. Comprehensive IRAP Guide: Legal resources for Refugees and SIVs

  2. Priority-2 visa eligibility requirements (from IRAP): Check eligibility for you or a family member

  3. Immigration Advocates Network: State directory of free or low cost legal services

  4. Administration of Children and Families SIV Fact Sheet and National Screening Tool for Benefits: Check eligibility for public benefits and find local support agencies

  5. No One Left Behind: provides direct and indirect support to SIVs listed here

  6. NOLB financial assistance for newly-arrived eligible SIV families working with resettlement agencies – Review and Apply Here


Note: Upwardly Global has raised awareness about and uplifted the stories of SIVs we work with for decades. Most recently, on June 10th, Upwardly Global cooperated with the National Immigration Forum on a press conference on this issue, which included members of our community. For a recording and more information, link here.

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