Tell Congress To Back “NO BAN” Bill

Tell Congress To Back “NO BAN” Bill

Upwardly Global is committed to building a welcoming, equitable workforce and nation where everyone—including immigrants and refugees—can contribute and thrive. That’s why we’ve spoken out against the travel ban, an executive order which continues to block most travelers from Syria, Iran, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, and North Korea, along with some Venezuelans, from entering the United States.

Guided by these values, Upwardly Global now applauds the NO BAN Act, introduced in Congress yesterday. The legislation would repeal all versions of the travel ban and strengthen federal protections against religious discrimination, while limiting executive authority to create similar bans in the future.

Join Upwardly Global in voicing your support for this legislation—an important part of building a system that welcomes people fleeing persecution, recognizes newcomers’ potential, and advances their full integration into local communities and economies.

Over the past two years, Upwardly Global has proudly served nearly 500 people from countries included in the travel ban. Even as their numbers dwindle because of travel restrictions, UpGlo alumni from these nations are making important contributions. They work in high-demand healthcare, IT, and engineering fields, and are part of a cohort of program participants that adds $252 million in tax revenues and consumer spending to the country each year.

Beyond economics, there’s a strong humanitarian case to be made for the NO BAN Act. Countries affected by the current travel ban include some of the most politically volatile places in the world, several with active armed conflicts. The U.S. must do its part to address the record-high level of human displacement across the globe, with 68.5 million people forced from their homes.

Together, we can build a country that welcomes newcomers and embraces their talents. Join us in calling on Congress to support the NO BAN Act.

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