Catalina Flores

Research Analyst Chicago

Before Upwardly Global:
Current Profession:
Research Analyst
Current Employer:
Euromonitor Chicago

Euromonitor: “UpGlo not only trained me on how to understand the workplace in the US, but it also gave me the confidence to believe my skills were transferable and I was still smart! I visited Euromonitor through one of the UpGlo events, then three years later I returned to the company through the referral of someone I met at that event, showing that UpGlo’s influence goes beyond getting your first professional job in the US, but it’s a lifetime bond with the people you meet. As a Euromonitor employee, I’ve experienced a work culture that is very focused on diversity and that truly values your international experience.” – Catalina Flores, Research Analyst Euromonitor Chicago (from Chile)

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