Before Upwardly Global:
Current Profession:
Personal Banker
Current Employer:
JP Morgan Chase

Rotimi, a pension fund and client relationship manager in his home country of Nigeria, joined Upwardly Global in November 2009. From the very beginning of his search, Rotimi consistently displayed a positive attitude, firmly believing he would one day find success in the U.S.

Always professional, prepared, and punctual, he was greatly admired by the Upwardly Global staff. Determined to find a professional position, Rotimi acted on the team’s initial suggestions and successfully completed the JPMorgan Chase Personal Banker Exam prior to joining the Upwardly Global program.  Once he completed the December 2009 Career Summit, he immediately set out on interviews. His tireless effort to reestablish his career in the United States, combined with his professional experience and skills, resulted in his new career as a personal banker at JPMorgan Chase.

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