Staff Trainings in Diversity & Inclusion

Successful diversity, equity, and inclusion programs engage staff at all levels of an organization, providing benefits for your company for years to come. 

Upwardly Global will partner with your team to deliver dynamic, highly customized workshops to your team, building on our two decades of experience in working with employers in diverse industries across the country. Participants will learn best practices to effectively recruit, retain, and champion global talent in your workplaces. Training sessions can be conducted on-site at your company or coordinated virtually. 

Available trainings include: 

Readiness for Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Get expert advice on hiring to focus on skill fit rather than “culture fit.” This training addresses common misperceptions in hiring immigrant and refugee talent and offers options for partnering with Upwardly Global and accessing our talent pool.

Diverse & Inclusive Leadership

Engage company leadership in collaborative discussion with foreign-born professionals about practices that support or hinder the retention, success, and upward mobility of diverse talent. Elements are tailored to participants’ needs.

Towards Hiring Inclusion

Take a deep dive into best practices in screening, interviewing, hiring and onboarding talent with diverse perspectives and international experience. 

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