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Hundreds of companies, of all sizes and in all sectors, have benefitted from hiring through Upwardly Global’s rich network of immigrant and refugee professionals. Our candidates bring diverse experiences and perspectives to workforces, proven to boost business’ innovation and bottom lines. Upwardly Global hires have a 90% retention rate after one year.

Our talent team combs through candidates to find individuals with the skills and background to meet your company’s needs. Our candidates have: 

  • U.S. work authorization, so there’s no need for you to sponsor a visa.
  • An average of nine years of professional experience. 
  • Over 50% have management experience. 
  • Skills in in-demand fields, including healthcare, engineering, technology and accounting. 
  • 100% have undergraduate degrees from their home countries, and 50% have masters degrees.
  • Fluency in English — and frequently several other languages.
  • International work experience and global professional networks.
  • Strong loyalty to their employer: Upwardly Global hires have a 90% retention rate at 1-year mark.

Upwardly Global is also working with business leaders and hiring managers to co-create employment opportunities, apprenticeships, internships, and job shadowing opportunities. Together, we can dismantle barriers and link these talented individuals into the American workforce. 

We are excited to support a pipeline of immigrant and refugee talent at your company. Connect with our Employer Partnership Team by filling out our contact form — we look forward to working with you.

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