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Upwardly Global invites corporate leaders to join our work in shaping and sharing promising practices in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and in breaking down barriers for immigrant and refugee workforce integration. Study after study shows that diversity begets resilience, adaptability, and innovation, precisely what our country needs to re-open safely and create new jobs and new ways of working.

Here are some ways you can join with us:

  • Get involved in our industry-specific Career Communities by sponsoring cohorts of our job seekers through their program, by engaging top employees in skills-based volunteering and global hiring trainings, or in-kind opportunities to provide work based learning and talent partnerships for our job seekers. 
  • Join our invite-only Corporate Roundtable to hear and share leading practices in DEI and immigrant inclusion and to test, build, and co-create new products and programs that tangibly move the bar.
  • Co-author commentaries, blogs, and other think pieces with Upwardly Global leadership, sharing your company’s expertise and advancing forward-thinking strategies in DEI and inclusion.

We are excited to take the next concrete step in building a more equitable workforce and economy with you, and unlocking the potential of immigrant and refugees. For more information, connect with our Employer Partnerships team by filling out our contact form here.

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