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A Resource for Skilled Immigrants. An Opportunity for America.

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Why Invest in Upwardly Global?

  • A 10X Return on Investment
    Our intervention results in a $45k average income gain for our jobseekers in their first year of employment, generating $32 million in additional tax revenue and consumer spending. Based on what it costs to train and place a jobseeker and the number placed in 2015, this is a 10x return on investment.

  • It’s a Virtuous Cycle of Change
    After completing our program and securing their first professional position, our jobseekers take on leadership roles in the community and workplace, become mentors and donors, facilitate introductions to their employers and even hire Upwardly Global jobseekers themselves.

  • We Fill a Critical Gap
    Upwardly Global is the only agency in the U.S. working exclusively with this underserved population, helping immigrant professionals to escape poverty and achieve economic security for their families.

  • Delivering the Promise of America
    One in three of our jobseekers are refugees or political asylees. Fleeing life-endangering circumstances, they had to leave family, community and social networks back in their home countries.
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