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UpGlo Healthcare Connect Contributes to the COVID-19 Response

What Is UpGlo Healthcare Connect?

UpGlo Healthcare Connect matches healthcare employers with internationally-trained health and medicine professionals because U.S hospitals and clinics need additional support at this critical time.

Internationally trained healthcare professionals have important skills to contribute to the COVID-19 response and beyond. Upwardly Global is here to connect them.

How Does UpGlo Healthcare Connect Work?

Upwardly Global supports internationally trained healthcare professionals who currently live in the U.S. and want to contribute their life-saving skills to their communities. Today, we are actively supporting hundreds of professionals across the U.S. who are working to rebuild careers in health and medicine.

These internationally trained professionals have valid healthcare degrees, U.S. work authorization, important linguistic and cross-cultural skills, and experience working in crisis situations – including Ebola, SARS and natural disasters. Internationally-trained health and medicine professionals make vitally important contributions to the U.S. health care system and are ready to do much more.

Today, as COVID-19 strains hospitals and clinics across the country, there are 165,000 immigrant and refugee health professionals living here who are not working in the sector. It is essential that we put their skills to work at this time.

UpGlo Healthcare Connect matches internationally-trained health professionals with hospitals, clinics, and government agencies who need their skills.

How to Join the UpGlo Healthcare Connect Effort

If you are a medical professional, employer of a U.S. hospital or clinic, are looking for a partnership, or would like to support our UpGlo Healthcare Connect program, here are some ways you can join the effort:

Where can I learn more about UpGlo Healthcare Connect?

Upwardly Global continues to shape a new narrative about the ways that immigrants and refugees are contributing to our nation’s COVID-19 response. Check out recent press hits:

Temporary Licensing

During the COVID-19 crisis, licensing requirements have been adjusted in a number of states to make it possible for internationally trained healthcare workers to get temporary licenses or to work in their healthcare professions. 

The application process guides below, provided by our partners World Education Services and IMPRINT, provide context and guidance navigating state portals and offer additional state-specific information.

IMPORTANT: please let your Upwardly Global coach know if you are going to apply for any of these temporary licenses as we will help advocate for you through what is often a complex process — and try to support you in securing a placement!

Idaho and Pennsylvania are also allowing some people with overseas licenses to practice without going through a temporary license process.

Contact Tracing Opportunities

Upwardly Global participants receive regular updates on opportunities and job seeking support. Contact tracing is one important temporary role that is well suited for internationally trained healthcare workers. Below is a list that we have compiled.

In NJ: https://covid19.nj.gov/forms/tracer

In NY City: https://bachrachgroup.com/covid-19-jobs/ and in NY State [Not currently hiring]: https://www.publicconsultinggroup.com/new-york-state-contact-tracing-initiative/

In Washington DC area: https://www.institutephi.org/get-involved/careers/




In Illinois: https://contacttracingcorps.wordpress.com/



In California: https://recruiting2.ultipro.com/PUB1001PUBH/JobBoard/6705aa07-0bcb-4660-ad1b-2fda952becc7/OpportunityDetail?opportunityId=5ebf1bfb-d7bf-4f8b-9ed0-946b0b5f80f0





In Washington state: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/kingcounty?keywords=covid



National: https://www.contrace.org/



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