About Ishan Gurg

Ishan Gurg is a Senior Programmatic Account Strategist at Google, working on DoubleClick and YouTube Platforms in New York. He consults, educates and trains large advertisers on digital advertising strategy, media planning, performance management and execution. He works with advertisers to develop recommendations and data-driven insights to align with their marketing objectives. While leading a team of subject matter experts, he partners across internal sales, product and support teams to ensure client success.

Ishan started volunteering with UpGlo when he moved to New York in 2016 from India. As an immigrant himself, Ishan is very passionate about UpGlo’s mission and helping highly skilled immigrants/refugees re-establish their professional careers in the US. In addition to being an advocate for UpGlo, he has been working on developing deeper partnership between UpGlo and Google and organizing volunteer events at Google. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Management with a Master’s In Business Administration and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication engineering. Ishan enjoys traveling, hiking and reading and is always looking for recommendations.




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