Koray Yesilli Research Associate William Blair

About Koray Yesilli Research Associate William Blair

As a former international student, Koray experienced the struggles as a foreigner seeking employment opportunities in the US firsthand. Koray arrived to the states in 2014 with one luggage in hand and very quickly learned that a strong network is fundamental for professional success in the US. To give back the support he received during his initial years in the US, Koray is highly motivated to provide refugees and immigrants the support they need to succeed in America.

Koray is currently a research associate within the global equities team at William Blair. Previously he served as CFO for a boutique real estate investment firm. Koray has also worked with an international start-up accelerator program assisting foreign entrepreneurs with their move of company headquarters to the US. Koray holds two Master’s degrees from DePaul University in Finance and Computational Finance and a Bachelor’s degree in Energy and Process Technology from the Berlin Institute of Technology. Originally from Germany, Koray is the son to Turkish immigrants and currently lives in La Grange with his wife and son.




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