About Maggie Yuan Yue

Maggie previously worked as a Director of Business Development in a stated-owned, import/export conglomerate in China for 15 years. She met her husband while he was working in China and they moved together to America in 2018. She is currently working at a global transportation company as an Ocean Import Agent.

As an immigrant, Maggie totally understands the transitional challenges all immigrants may experience moving to the States. She has been committed to helping immigrants and refugees adapt and integrate as quickly as possible into a new environment and society.

Being an alumna of Upward Global, she can confidently say that the program has played an important role in helping her restart her career in America. In return, Maggie is thrilled to devote more to help make life better for everyone by applying her skills, experience in support and alignment with the program’s mission and core values.

Maggie is also an animal protectionist and believes that all creatures have equal value and worth on our planet. She spends time volunteering at local animal shelters in support of this belief, helping animals find new lovinghomes.




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