About Sabrina Hodjati

Sabrina is an analyst on the Insights and Analytics team at LinkedIn. She began her career in LinkedIn’s rotational business program, where she undertook side projects with the Economic Graph and Public Policy teams to explore her interests at the intersection of technology and economic opportunity. At LinkedIn, she serves as a social impact lead for refugee and immigrant jobseekers.

Sabrina grew up in Los Angeles, CA and earned a B.A. in Economics from UC Berkeley. She completed a public leadership fellowship with the New Leaders Council in 2022.

Sabrina’s parents and sister immigrated from Iran to Sweden following the 1979 government revolution. As the first in her family born in the U.S, she has been shaped and inspired by their journey as immigrants and the sacrifices, risks, and hurdles they encountered along the way. The mission of Upwardly Global resonates closely with her and her family, and she believes strongly in the critical importance of economic inclusion and empowerment.

Sabrina began her involvement with Upwardly Global as a volunteer and mentor in 2018, and is eager to continue serving the immigrant and refugee community as a member of the Leadership Council.




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