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Upwardly Global has helped thousands of talented immigrants and refugees rebuild their lives and professional careers in the U.S.

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Meet an alumni khaled

“I feel loyalty to the country that accepted me and protected me, and I want to make life better for everyone by applying my skills. I am sure that a lot of immigrant job seekers feel the same.”


“When you help another individual you grow yourself, in ways you will never understand.  It’s important that as I succeed in my life that I should be able to give back to others and make the world a better place. That is really my mantra.”


“I’ve been challenged a lot. I believe in challenge, I love to be challenged. Always put in your mind that your current situation is not your future measurement. Be confident, have hope, and never give up.”


Meet our alumni Yusuf and Luis

“I am very happy about my new position at a young and energetic design firm. The shared experience among colleagues from culturally diverse backgrounds is amazing. People come to the U.S. to be the best they can be and to contribute to advancements in their field–in return we hope to gain a decent life.”

Yusuf (and Luis)

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