Specialized Programming

Women and Refugee Services

America’s story is one of immigrants and refugees. Through partnerships, Upwardly Global is working to empower women, refugees, and asylees through specialized programming and services.


Through our partnership with Fondation CHANEL, UpGlo has developed POWAR (Professional Opportunities for Women Asylees and Refugees) to provide additional support for immigrant, refugee and asylee women during a job search.

POWAR enables women to overcome the additional obstacles they face in entering the professional workforce. Our POWAR training covers salary negotiation, navigating the workplace (including modules on sexual harassment), and balancing child care with employment.

UpGlo provides its job seekers unlimited, free access to courses in relevant industries on Coursera, an online database of college courses and trainings from top US colleges and universities. Our refugee participants have spent more 2,000 hours on Coursera since our partnership began.

Our San Francisco Bay Area program participants have access to internships through Partnerships for Refugees at Tetra Tech DPK.


Building Communities

With support from the Walmart Foundation, we launched an online community exclusively for female job seekers, program alumnae, and volunteers. The community enables users to connect virtually, ask questions, share advice, and build networks.

We have also developed networks specifically for refugees to connect, access mentors and volunteers, and identify opportunities for professional growth.

We are seeking volunteers to work with refugee and women job seekers. Join us in creating equality and opportunity for newcomers.

International Models

As the need for workforce integration of immigrants and refugees has surged globally, UpGlo is selectively providing assistance in developing international program models. The pilot programs are based on UpGlo’s proven model, and our 17 years  of delivering effective training and tools. Learn more about our efforts in Germany, led by our own founder, Jane Leu.