“As a highly diverse organization we have found in UpGlo the ideal partner for our recruiting efforts. Through the employer partner program, Celergo has hired nine UpGlo alumni since 2012. All started in client-facing roles supporting global payroll for Fortune 500 clients in over 120 countries. These positions require specific language skills, analytical capability, and most importantly, cultural astuteness, to resolve complex payroll situations. And Celergo has found UpGlo alumni to be well suited for these roles as they are educated, articulate, and experienced in global communication styles. Today, many of these nine have moved on in their careers to other functional areas including implementation services, treasury, accounting, and global partner management.

We are proud of this impactful partnership, and we will continue working with UpGlo as an employer partner because it is the right way for us to find highly qualified employees. We need people who will easily fit into our culture and have the capacity to understand the complex international environment we work in on a daily basis. Through their work ethic, dedication, expertise, and their proven ability to succeed in stressful situations – such as the upheaval caused by moving to a new country – UpGlo alumni are an asset to any organization.

Our hope is that UpGlo continues to provide the excellent service to jobseekers to ready them for working in the U.S. Not only do we benefit from UpGlo’s tremendous work, but so does everyone else in the community who understands and appreciates the value skilled immigrants bring to the workforce.”

Michele Honomichl, Founder, Executive Chairman, & Chief Strategy Officer, Celergo

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