Upwardly Global Responds to COVID-19

During the COVID-19 crisis, Upwardly Global is at work building resources and providing virtual services to support our program participants. We are doubling down on our commitment to job seekers — including immigrants, refugees and asylees — who face increased economic insecurity and uncertainty.

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How we are supporting job seekers:

  • Sharing resources that address our program participants’ most pressing financial needs, and helping them find immediate jobs in healthcare and other high-demand areas (and ensuring clarity on eligibility so that there is no impact on their immigration status).
  • Scaling our online skills training and job readiness resources to assist a growing number of job seekers and help prepare them during this difficult period for the rebound, when it comes.
  • Enhancing our virtual coaching and volunteer services to ensure that job seekers feel connected and continue to build critical networking skills and knowledge.


Your financial support is needed during this critical time.

Your gift will bolster our ability to do more outreach and offer additional online support for our most vulnerable job seekers during this difficult time.