Take Action

Upwardly Global champions public policies that build an equitable, more welcoming nation by unlocking opportunities for immigrants and refugees to fully contribute.

As an organization that provides immigrants and refugees with tools and resources for professional success, we call for policies that advance newcomers’ full integration into local communities and economies, protect and welcome people fleeing persecution, and support an immigration system that recognizes newcomers’ potential and contributions.

Call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and speak out on behalf of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers today.

Use these suggested talking points to send your message:

  • I’m a constituent from [City, State], and I urge you to stand up for policies that allow all workers—including immigrants and refugees—to contribute and thrive.
  • The United States needs policies that welcome newcomers and recognize their contributions to our communities, workforce, and economy.
  • I am concerned about recent proposals that threaten human rights and due process for people fleeing persecution.
  • Instead, I believe we should build programs and policies that build a strong workforce and a more equitable, welcoming country. Building economic opportunity is one of the best ways to create a safe, secure, and prosperous country for everyone.  

The 116th Congress needs to hear from you! Encourage your friends and families to make calls help build an equitable, more welcoming country.

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