Aman Puri

Aman Puri is a venture capital investor at the SoftBank Vision Fund, which makes investments in leading growth-stage technology companies across the world. At SoftBank, Aman has primarily focused on Fintech, while exploring other sectors such as supply chain, proptech and construction technology. Aman is also involved with SoftBank’s initiatives to support minority and underrepresented founders, serving as a Mentor in the “Emerge” accelerator program and evaluating investments for the $100M Opportunity Fund. Before moving to San Francisco in 2019, Aman spent three years in New York, where he worked in Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley. Aman graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where he received a B.A. in Economics from the College of Arts & Sciences and a BSc in Finance and Statistics from the Wharton School.

Originally from India, Aman grew up in Dubai, UAE and lived in Indonesia and Oman for a few years during his childhood. Aman moved to the US for college and has been working on a visa since graduation. Having understood and experienced the challenges of trying to work in the US as a non-citizen, Aman is inspired by UpGlo’s mission of supporting immigrant job-seekers experiencing great hardships. Through UpGlo, he is eager to help them establish successful careers and overcome the cultural barriers they might face. In his free time, Aman loves to play tennis, go for theatre shows and cook Indian food.

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