Jeff Waldron

Jeff is Principal at Waldron, a leading national consulting firm that provides a unique combination of executive search and organizational development services for social and private sector organizations. Based in San Francisco, Jeff helps to shape the firm’s strategy nationwide and also leads many of its largest and most prominent search engagements.

In 2009, Jeff took a leave of absence to work with the International Development Law Organization (IDLO), based in Rome, Italy. IDLO is an inter-governmental organization that works with its member nations and partners to strengthen institutions that promote peace, justice, and sustainable development around the world. Jeff served as IDLO’s Director of Human Resources and later as the Interim Director-General where he worked closely with governments and international agencies across the globe to increase IDLO’s strategic capacity to implement its programs. Jeff returned to Waldron in 2014.

A San Francisco native, Jeff is personally engaged in local and global philanthropic endeavors.   He has traveled extensively to many corners of the world and maintains his fluency in Italian. He began volunteering with Upwardly Global in 2015 and joined the Leadership Council in January 2016.

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