Rolando Alvarez

Rolando is an alumni of the program with Upwardly Global. He became an immigrant after moving to the US in January 2017. Currently, he works as IT Security Engineer at Kiva Microfunds, a micro-financial institution that leverage crowdfunding to help the financially excluded population in more than eighty countries around the world.

Looking for a way to tailor his resume to the US style he got to know about the program with Upwardly Global. Thanks to the program he managed to improve his skills to look for a job, get confident with for interviewing, and networking. All these competencies helped him to get back to his career field. He has more than nineteen years of experience working for the main energy generator company in El Salvador; eleven of those years as Infrastructure IT Manager. His team and he were responsible for the availability and continuity of the systems and services for the rest of the company.

He is thankful for the support that he got from Upwardly Global and wants to help others to have the opportunity he had to improve their lives and achieve their goals.