Did you know that about 50% of Upwardly Global’s program participants are women? These women have stories that challenge conventional thinking. They are inspiring and their journeys are full of courage and resilience, which is why we love to share them!

In May 2021 Upwardly Global led a campaign to do just that. We captured the stories of  courageous immigrant women as they strived to reestablish lives and livelihoods in their new homes. 

These stories are a source of inspiration and hope, and they are also a powerful force for change through reframing of the immigrant narrative. We invite you to listen to these stories and to share them with others across your social media channels with #Women’sStories.

See our #Women’sStories below.

Ivana was a celebrated journalist in Sudan and is now restarting her career in New York.

Shorena worked in international development in Georgia before moving to Maryland to be with her husband.

Haleemat got her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in economics in her native Nigeria and is now rebuilding her career as a data analyst in California.

Lubab practiced medicine in her home country of Iraq for 10 years before coming to the U.S. as a refugee.

Meet Jina, our CEO, as she discusses why Upwardly Global’s work helping immigrant and refugee women is personal for her.

Yulia, born in Azerbaijan, got her Master’s Degree in Computer Science and is now restarting her career in the tech industry.

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