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Employer Case Study
Healthcare Language Services: Immigrants Provide Vital Services to Chicago’s Global Community

Name: Kim Taylor

Company: Healthcare Language Services

Healthcare Language Services was one of the first employers to join our Chicago network and has been regularly hiring Upwardly Global candidates ever since. Kim Taylor, the president and founder of the organization has wholeheartedly helped us spread the message that growing businesses can thrive by accessing the many talented immigrant professionals who now call Chicago home.

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Candidate Profile

Profession: Electromechanical Engineer

Name: Jose S.

Country: Dominican Republic

Years Experience: 20


Master in Pure Mathematics, Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), Dominican Republic, 10/2009 - 4/2011

Bachelor in Electromechanical Engineering (Electrical Major), Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), Dominican Republic, 1/1973 - 10/1978


Professional Summary:

Bi-lingual (English & Spanish) Electromechanical Engineer with 20 years experience in telecommunications project management with extensive hands-on experience relating to operations and maintenance of switching equipments, transmission systems and data and wireless networks.


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Home For Employers Employer Spotlights Finding the Right Talent is a Priority for Tetra Tech DPK

Finding the Right Talent is a Priority for Tetra Tech DPK

"Upwardly Global candidates are of the highest caliber. In our experience, they are motivated, responsible and have a strong work ethic." -Rebecca Silva, Director of Program Implementation

Tetra Tech DPK

Finding the Right Talent is a Priority for Tetra Tech DPK

Sergio Zegarra

Senior Program Officer

Tetra Tech DPK first learned about Upwardly Global after hiring Sergio Zegarra, an Upwardly Global candidate, for an internship. Sergio became a full-time employee and a top performer in the firm. Sergio credits Upwardly Global with helping Tetra Tech DPK build this flexible and diverse workforce. "Tetra Tech DPK has a global perspective and a diverse workforce. The different backgrounds of our employees increase our collective understanding of the whole world, allowing us to be more agile and effective," said Sergio Zegarra, Senior Program Officer.

Finding the Right Talent is a Priority
Tetra Tech DPK is an international development consulting firm that supports developing democracies worldwide to increase government transparency, improve access to justice, and strengthen justice sector institutions such as courts and prosecutor offices.

For Rebecca Silva, Director of Program Implementation at Tetra Tech DPK, finding qualified and experienced candidates in the Bay Area who also have an understanding of the challenges faced in the developing world is a challenge in itself. "It's been difficult to find hard-working, talented candidates with the appropriate technical and language skills and cultural awareness that our work demands," says Rebecca.

Shared Values
Increasing opportunities for citizens to participate in political, economic and social decisions that affect their lives is a focus for Tetra Tech DPK's work around the world. Upwardly Global and Tetra Tech DPK share this value at home, and their commitment to providing equal job opportunities for talented and enthusiastic candidates has made this a particularly rewarding relationship.

Finding Success
Since partnering with Upwardly Global, Tetra Tech DPK has hired five Upwardly Global job seekers who are currently supporting programs in Afghanistan, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Iraq and Macedonia. "My experience with various UN agencies, knowledge of the Middle East, fluency in Arabic and understanding of the culture helped enormously to build a strong relationship with the Afghanistan field office and effectively advance project implementation," said Niloofar Maghami, Assistant Project Officer.

Sara Hattem, Tetra Tech DPK's HR Director, also appreciates the value of establishing a strong relationship with Upwardly Global. "Upwardly Global takes as much pride in the professional relationship as they do with their candidates. Upwardly Global learned about our business and the type of candidate profile that we are looking for," says Sara.

Today, Tetra Tech DPK regularly turns to Upwardly Global to support its hiring needs, and the speed at which Upwardly Global has been able to provide knowledgeable, motivated applicants has allowed Tetra Tech DPK to focus on improving the delivery of justice worldwide.

To learn more about Tetra Tech DPK, watch this short video of Tetra Tech's successful partnership with Upwardly Global, or visit

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