The Career Coaching Program

Upwardly Global’s FREE Career Coaching Program connects you, a professionally focused immigrant or refugee, with customized job coaching and career-training resources to help you get back to work in your professional field. Our coaches are available to meet you in person or online for up to 18 months of your job search.

With our help, you will:


“UpGlo opened the door to a brighter future in this country — a future in which I can truly contribute my skills to my community.”

Do You Qualify?

Career Coaching is designed for those who:

California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Washington D.C.

If you have questions about your eligibility before applying, contact us.


"Working with a job coach was super informative, but also put us at ease. To have a personal mentorship was key, because you had someone who could certainly empathize, so you felt less alone."

Program Offerings

Program Steps

We would love to consider you for the Career Coaching Program! Here, see the steps to get started.


“UpGlo helped me to feel a sense of community and belonging. I saw that others have walked this path, putting their best foot forward to get what they deserve.”

Week 1: Submit your application

Read the eligibility qualifications above and apply.

Week 2: Onboarding process

You'll receive an email to schedule a call. During that call, one of our Onboarding Team members will verify your eligibility. If you meet the requirements, you'll receive a short English language assessment, access to our U.S. resume course, and an invitation to job-seeker orientation. You’ll also be asked to verify your degree, work permit, and address.

Week 3 - 4: Job-readiness training

You’ll receive access to our 4.5-hour, self-paced online job-readiness course. After you complete the core courses, you'll begin working with a specialized Upwardly Global Career Coach.

Week 5+: Career coaching and resources

Your Upwardly Global Career Coach will help you develop a career plan tailored to your experience and help you map it to opportunities in the U.S. job market. You'll receive access to free trainings and certifications to make you a competitive candidate, as well as access to our employer network.

Get Started with Upwardly Global

Upwardly Global is here to help you navigate the U.S. professional job market and gain in-demand skills. Our resources are free, virtual, and have helped thousands of immigrants and refugees get back to work in their professional fields.