Employer Partner Frequently Asked Questions

No, all Upwardly Global candidates are fully work-authorized.
No, Upwardly Global is not a fee-based placement agency. We do offer fee-based, customizable partnerships that include unlimited access to our talent pool, and cross-cultural volunteer events and training.
Our candidates are from all over the world, primarily Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.
They immigrated for a variety of reasons as have so many immigrant Americans before them. Some are refugees, having escaped war or political upheaval. Others sought asylum in the U.S. to escape persecution. Some won the diversity lottery in their home country and some came through the U.S.’s family reunification program to join family members already here. No matter what the circumstances, they came seeking a better life for themselves and their families and want to contribute their professional skills in their new home.
Yes, everyone we work with is fluent in English and almost always bilingual. Many are multilingual.
Yes, everyone we work with is university educated and has professional work experience. On average, our candidates have 7 years of professional experience.

We work with individuals from all professions, including: healthcare, engineering, IT, accounting, marketing, management, law, nonprofit, education, science, and many more.

We are developing specializations in the technology, healthcare and engineering sectors, particularly with employers that have a current talent shortage and/or anticipate a near term talent shortage.

Partner with Upwardly Global

We partner with companies to meaningfully advance immigrant and refugee inclusion.

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