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What does the Job Search Program include?

The Upwardly Global Job Search Program consists of: Onboarding, Core Training, Coaching and Networking.  After you complete the Onboarding phase (Orientation, English Assessment, and Resume Basics) you will gain access to the 5 Core Training courses online. Here, you will learn tips and strategies to succeed in the U.S. job search process, including how to write a U.S.-style resume and cover letter, market yourself to U.S. employers, prepare for a job interview, and network in your professional field. You will also work with an advisor to receive customized coaching until you secure a professional job, and have access to the Upwardly Global network, events, and resources.

How can I apply for the Job Search Program?

Go to the “Get Hired” section of our website. Check the list of qualifying questions, and then select the blue button that best fits your responses. Your next step will be to create an account in our online platform, weGlo; if you qualify for the full program, you will be guided to our application form.

How long does core training take?

Core training can be completed on your schedule, but we encourage you to complete it within 10 days so that you can begin your job search with us as soon as possible.

How long will I be a member of the Job Search Program?

If you are accepted, you will be a member of our Job Search Program until you find your first professional job. After that happens, you’ll become a member of our Alumni Program, along with thousands of others across the country.

Is there a guarantee that Upwardly Global will find me a job?

Upwardly Global is not a placement agency, and we do not guarantee job placement. We are here to prepare you to conduct your own successful job search with our support. After you complete the program, you will have new tools: A professional resume and cover letter, connections to professionals in your field, and improved interview and networking skills. Your success in finding a job will depend on your motivation and determination.

What makes Upwardly Global different from other workforce development organizations or staffing agencies?

Upwardly Global is the leading nonprofit organization committed to helping skilled immigrants and refugees rebuild their professional careers in the U.S. In addition to the Job Search Program, we create useful professional connections between you and members of our network including employers, volunteers, and other job seekers and alumni of our program. We are not a staffing agency.

How much does the Job Search Program cost?

Our program is free to anyone who qualifies. Upwardly Global has supportive funders and sponsors that provide us with grants and donations which allow us to offer our services and programs at no cost. In return, we expect a full commitment from you when you decide to participate in our program. We also encourage you to give back once you become a member of our Alumni Program.

What if my English or computer skills are not strong?

Being prepared for the U.S. job market means having strong English and computer skills. This is why UpGlo has partnered with Education First to include a language assessment in our Onboarding requirements. We want to make sure you are prepared to start this process with us – and sometimes that means taking more time to study ESL or computer skills first. Your local library is a great place to look for free courses.

Why don’t you work with candidates who have been in the U.S. for more than five years?

Upwardly Global’s training is focused on helping you to build your soft skills to conduct a successful U.S. job search. If you have been outside of a professional field for more than five years, you face increased barriers to career re-entry that may not be addressed by our programs and services. We recommend that you consider returning to study, or pursuing recertification, to build your technical skills and make yourself a strong candidate for the current job market.

I live outside of your service area. Can I join your program?

Upwardly Global shares our training with partner organizations across the U.S., who may serve clients in areas we do not cover. You are welcome to share your contact information here, and we will contact you if we are able to recommend a partner organization to you.

Why do you need to see my work authorization and university documents?

Upwardly Global is funded to work with fully work-authorized professionals in the United States. Because of this, we will ask to view your original work authorization card before you complete our program. We also view your university diploma to verify that you have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. In some locations, we will ask you to complete paperwork related to our funders.


Do your candidates require Visa sponsorship?

No, all Upwardly Global candidates are fully work-authorized.

Is there a fee if I hire an Upwardly Global candidate?

No, Upwardly Global is not a fee-based placement agency. We do offer fee-based, customizable partnerships that include unlimited access to our talent pool, and cross-cultural volunteer events and training.

Where are your candidates from?

Our candidates are from all over the world, primarily Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

How or why did your candidates immigrate to the U.S.?

They immigrated for a variety of reasons as have so many immigrant Americans before them. Some are refugees, having escaped war or political upheaval. Others sought asylum in the U.S. to escape persecution. Some won the diversity lottery in their home country and some came through the U.S.’s family reunification program to join family members already here. No matter what the circumstances, they came seeking a better life for themselves and their families and want to contribute their professional skills in their new home.

Are your candidates fluent in English?

Yes, everyone we work with is fluent in English and almost always bilingual. Many are multilingual.

Are your candidates experienced professionals?

Yes, everyone we work with is university educated and has professional work experience. On average, our candidates have 7 years of professional experience.

Does Upwardly Global specialize in certain professions?

We work with individuals from all professions, including: healthcare, engineering, IT, accounting, marketing, management, law, nonprofit, education, science, and many more.
We are developing specializations in the technology, healthcare and engineering sectors, particularly with employers that have a current talent shortage and/or anticipate a near term talent shortage.

How can my company become engaged with Upwardly Global?

Upwardly Global customizes partnerships for companies, including talent sourcing, corporate engagement events, cross-cultural communication workshops and more. To learn about opportunities to engage with Upwardly Global, please contact Rebecca Tancredi rebecca@upwardlyglobal.org.


How often do I need to volunteer?

You can determine how often you would like to volunteer, based on your schedule. Some volunteers participate twice a year, others once a month.

When and where do Volunteer Opportunities take place?

We schedule our workshops at a variety of times to accommodate many different schedules. Common volunteer times are weekdays after work between 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm; weekday afternoons from 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm; and occasionally on weekends. Workshops take place at various sites, often at the locations of our corporate partners. Privately organized workshops can be organized at individual company offices.

What kind of candidates do you work with? What is their background?

Our candidates come from around the world and from very diverse professions. Generally, they are from developing countries, have some professional experience, have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and have been in the U.S. less than five years and are work authorized.

Do I need recruiting experience?

No recruiting experience is necessary. Volunteers receive a brief training at the beginning of each workshop. However, if you are a recruiter, your experience is invaluable and helps both our job seekers and other volunteers.

I don’t speak a second language or have any international experience, can I still volunteer?

Yes. All of our candidates are fluent in English and we will give you some background on cross-cultural communication. Our candidates need to learn from your U.S. work experience and this will be an opportunity for you to learn about international experiences, as well.

Will there be an opportunity to network with other volunteers and job seekers?

Time to speak with other volunteers and job seekers is often built into the workshops, and additional events and networking opportunities are scheduled on a regular basis as well.

How can I involve my company or association?

Talk to your company’s HR department to find out if you have a Community Investment or Diversity Program that would support individual or group volunteer activities. You may learn that your company has an employee match program and makes donations for your volunteer hours. To arrange a corporate volunteer day, contact one of our offices.

Are there any opportunities for volunteers to become board members?

Upwardly Global values leadership. Ask your local office about joining the Leadership Council which supports local activities and fundraising, and can be a pipeline for our National Board of Directors.

I have limited professional experience and don’t feel comfortable working directly with job seekers but would still like to help. Are there any opportunities?

Yes. We have opportunities in our office providing administrative and logistical support, as well as opportunities to help plan events that support our fundraising efforts. Perhaps you are a good writer, designer or photographer? We can always use your talents to help us tell our story and spread the word.

For more information, or for corporate volunteer opportunities, contact:
Chicago: volunteers_ch@upwardlyglobal.org or (312) 431-1923
New York: volunteers_ny@upwardlyglobal.org or (212) 219-8828
San Francisco: volunteers_sf@upwardlyglobal.org or (415) 834-9901

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