Read Upwardly Global’s new report, “AI for Impact: How To Thoughtfully Leverage Technology To Deliver on Mission,” which explores artificial intelligence (AI) and how workforce organizations can utilize AI technologies to best serve their communities.

Artificial intelligence is the most important technological development of our time. As it continues to rapidly evolve, it will have profound consequences for the job market. Its transformative power — when wisely applied — can help organizations improve their capabilities, increase their efficiencies, and scale their impact.

AI can be a gamechanger for organizations like Upwardly Global, which works to eliminate employment barriers for immigrant, refugee, and asylee professionals and advance the inclusion of their skills into the U.S. economy. We believe that AI can help these individuals surmount the barriers that keep them locked out of traditional career pathways, and by helping them more efficiently navigate to skill-aligned jobs, AI can dramatically expand our ability to serve more people.

The report is informed by key learnings from tests conducted with an AI-powered career navigation tool and contains recommendations and best practices to harness AI for greater impact.