Dr. Raana

Before Upwardly Global:
Current Profession:
Author and Advocate for Women’s Rights
Current Employer:

I took a job as a gynecologist and became a single working mom. But my challenges with harassment and abuse continued. I eventually needed to leave my country — this time without my son, who was then a teenager. I left Pakistan and was granted asylum in the U.S. in 2011.

I found myself alone in New York City. This was one of the hardest times of my life. I lost my home, my job, my family, and my country, but I didn’t lose my dignity.

I connected with Upwardly Global. They coached me through the job search in the U.S. — teaching me about U.S. work culture, helping me with my resume, and connecting me to training resources. I did practice interviews with my coach and attended networking events where I met other immigrant professionals. As I’d been forced to leave my family back in Pakistan, UpGlo became a new family for me. My coach helped me think through ways to channel my passion — fighting for justice and equity — into a new career path.

With support from Upwardly Global, I got a tech job in a local pharmacy. But I continued to witness the abuse and double standards that women face across the globe. One of my coworkers was fired after she complained that a male customer had touched her inappropriately. It was heartbreaking.

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