Before Upwardly Global:
Current Profession:
Application Engineer
Current Employer:
Alstrom Energy Group

Isidro, a mechanical engineer from the Dominican Republic, had over ten years of substantial experience.  After completing the 2009 August Career Summit and learning some of the necessary tools to implement a successful job search, Isidro applied to every opening he could find in his field in the New York tri-state region.  Despite his persistence, he was frustrated by the lack of results. Isidro refused to give up on his dream of finding meaningful employment in his field in the U.S, and decided to take charge.

He called a meeting with his Upwardly Global mentor and enlisted the staff for additional support.  Now re-energized and more confident, Isidro went about implementing a revised, more strategic job search plan where, rather than randomly sending out his resume, he targeted only those employers offering positions that closely matched his professional skills and goals.

In less than a week, calls for interviews were coming in. His tireless efforts paid off and he found himself at the final stages of the interview process with not one, but two companies. Isidro can now support his wife, three children, and his mother who is living outside of the U.S. with the salary from his position as Application Engineer with Alstrom Energy Group and is enjoying a healthy work-life balance.

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