Before Upwardly Global:
Security Guard and Sales Associate
Current Profession:
Legal Specialist
Current Employer:
JP Morgan Chase

“With seven years of experience managing banking operations, moving to the U.S. was a very challenging moment. The fear of the unknown really hit me. But what urged me on was my family and my dream of growing my career at a Wall Street bank. I submitted resumes to all the well-known banks in the country, but the only result I got was a phone interview. With no time left, I picked up two jobs just to survive—full-time security guard and part-time sales associate. In April 2013, I attended a security guard training in Manhattan where I met a colleague who told me about Upwardly Global. I registered online and got a call the next day. I was connected with Claudia, my advisor, and that was a great awakening in my job search. I attended different mock interviews and received mentoring from real industry professionals. I got my first interview that resulted in my first full-time job at JPMorgan Chase. This was the dream I aspired to, the same dream Upwardly Global helped me accomplish. “

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