Before Upwardly Global:
Cab Driver
Current Profession:
Senior Weblogic Administrator
Current Employer:

When Radouane, an IT engineer with 10 years of experience in Morocco, Africa, arrived in the United States, he immediately engaged a professional recruiter to help him find a job in his field.  “With 10 years of IT experience in the biggest companies [in Morocco], I thought it would be easy for me to find work in the U.S.,” he explains.  However,  countless interviews yielded nothing, and in order to survive Rodouane started driving a cab.  With his job search going nowhere, depressed, and desperate to make something happen, he considered returning to school for  a U.S. degree hoping it would help earn him some credibility in the eyes of American employers.   “…I had no options or hope that I would return to my trained professional field and be able to support my family as I had done before.”

On a trip to investigate further education options at the City University of New York, he learned about Upwardly Global.  Radouane joined the program in June of 2010 and worked diligently to implement the skills and advice he gained from the Job Seeker training.  “Instantly, I knew I was in the right place.  They gave me hope, trained me, worked hard for me, motivated me and thanks to them I got my confidence and career back. Just fifteen days after I graduated from the program, I got my first Interview.”  Three months later, in an interview with Kohl’s, one of the top retail store chains in the U.S, the hiring manager was so impressed with Radouane’s presence and experience that he offered him a position as Senior Weblogic Administrator.  “Upwardly Global helped prepare me for the interview and now I am working for a Fortune 500 company.

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