Before Upwardly Global:
Current Profession:
eCommerce Senior Manager
Current Employer:
Wynright Corporation

“UpGlo was the perfect bridge to start my life in this country.”

“After college and four years working professionally as an electronics engineer, I wanted to come back to the U.S. In Venezuela inflation moves a lot faster than a person’s income. You can work for decades, saving every penny, and still not be able to buy a home. I thought I was going to be fine living in the U.S.—I had lived in the U.S. from ages four to eight. But being a citizen wasn’t the hard part; adapting professionally was. All my education and work experience were from another country. I was applying and applying and not hearing back. After five months, I thought, What did I do? I have to go back! Maybe I don’t have the experience I think I have.

I found UpGlo while searching for survival jobs. The language was so perfect, it was funny: ‘Are you looking for a survival job because you can’t get back into your field?’ I wondered if it could be real. It is—top notch from beginning to end. They told me my experience was typical, and they could help me be on the same page with what employers are looking for and what I offer as a professional.

Within months, I earned a position as Spare Parts Coordinator at Wynright, a materials handling company for everything from cranes to conveyers to smart cars to palette packers, everything for warehouse automation. As an electronic engineer, I’ve always been in the project coordination area, logistics and development rather than design.

My husband went to UpGlo after me. For him, it was even faster; he was working in his field a month after his work authorization was final. Now our family can have stability, doing the jobs we studied hard for and are prepared to do.”