Free Career Resources For Ukrainian Professionals in the U.S.

Upwardly Global has successfully placed over 100 Ukrainian professionals into family-supporting careers and relicensing opportunities.

Resume Checklist

A resume is an essential tool in the U.S. job search that can help you to stand out and get through the application phase to an interview. Resume standards differ from country-to-country, so it is important that you understand how to create a resume according to U.S. standards that will highlight your skills and experience and get the attention of U.S. employers.

Professional Licensing Guides

For you and many other immigrants who had careers as doctors, engineers, teachers, and other regulated professions in your home countries and need to earn a professional license to restart your careers in the U.S., we have developed licensing guides that will help with the job-seeking process.

Job Interview Tips

Getting invited to an interview is the first challenge - once you get an interview you must take advantage of the valuable opportunity to make a great impression. Interviews are tricky - you have a small amount of time to demonstrate your skills, experience and personality. If you know what to expect and practice ahead of time you will feel more confident and prepared.

Stories From Ukrainian Newcomers

“If you know about Upwardly Global, work with them right away,” Ihor advises. “Because this will be the shortest pathway to your main goal and to your dream.”

What Does Upwardly Global Do?

Upwardly Global is the premier national organization working to support immigrants and refugees with international credentials to restart their careers in the United States.

Upwardly Global continues to provide strong support to Ukrainians who come as refugees to our shores seeking safety and meaningful employment. Our entire community stands in solidarity with those who are affected by the Ukraine conflict.