Upwardly Global’s New Report Featured On Inside Higher Ed

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Our new report, “Unlocking Potential: Enhancing Community College Services for Immigrant and Refugee Students,” which discusses community colleges and the impact of their service offerings on immigrant and refugee students, was recently featured on Inside Higher Ed.

The report’s findings, written in collaboration with the Lumina Foundation and the National Council for Workforce Education, were informed by key stakeholder interviews, focus groups with college practitioners in California and Texas, and national survey data from over 80 college practitioners.

“A recent report shows that while nearly one in three community college students is of immigrant origin, nearly 80 percent of college practitioners say their community college isn’t fully meeting those students’ needs.

These institutions also “face substantial hurdles in supporting this population at all skill levels, with limited research on effective programs and interventions that bridge disparities,” the report states.

The report notes successful practices that helped immigrant students, such as increasing focus on short-term credentials and providing case managers who are knowledgeable about issues unique to immigrants and refugees. It also notes barriers, including insufficient data tracking on immigrant and refugee students and limited staff training on support services. The report also recommends that community colleges leverage diverse sources of funding including statewide and national networks to assist in program expansion moving forward.”

Read the full article, “Report Shows Gaps and Successes in Immigrant Student Support.”

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