Upwardly Global Included in Documented’s List of Career Services for Work-Authorized Immigrants

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Documented, a nonprofit newsroom dedicated to reporting on immigration news impacting New York communities, included Upwardly Global in its list of organizations and governmental initiatives that help work-authorized immigrants access job placement opportunities and training.

More than 65,000 asylum seekers have been under New York City’s care since the spring of 2022, many of whom have received their Employment Authorization Documents and are ready to enter the workforce. Documented receives on average 20 messages every week via our WhatsApp Spanish Newsletter, Documented Semanal, where migrants have asked about jobs in New York.

Around the state, there are multiple organizations helping migrants access job training and placement opportunities. These are some of them:

Upwardly Global, a nonprofit supporting immigrants and refugees with international credentials to restart their careers in the United States, receives more than 400 applicants every year, and helps around 200 migrant job seekers find employment in New York yearly.

The programs offered, which include Career Pathways in the U.S., Career Coaching, and others, are tailored to help migrants with certificates and degrees enter the workforce in industries that they have expertise in, said Lourena Gboeah, Program Director for Upwardly Global New York.

In New York, Upwardly Global also offers its career services through the Office for New Americans’ Professional Pathways for High-Skilled Immigrants Program, serving as its Statewide Lead Agency.

Read Documented’s full list here.

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