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A Resource for Skilled Immigrants. An Opportunity for America.

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Success Stories

Name: Radouane

Country: Morocco

Profession: Senior Weblogic Administrator

After Radouane moved to the U.S., he attended countless interviews that yielded nothing. In order to survive, Rodouane started driving a cab. On a trip to investigate further education options at the City University of New York, he learned about Upwardly Global, an introduction that helped boost his professional career in the U.S.

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Upwardly Global's Impact

"I have been a volunteer with Upwardly Global since 2005. The experience of helping skilled immigrants achieve their professional dreams has enriched me in more ways than I could convey. Sharing their successes and setbacks during their job search journey taught me about resilience, drive and the passion they have to fulfill their potential and reach their goals."

Name: Caroline Cornely

Country: USA

Profession: Business Finance Manager

Company: Global TAC & Operations

Home For Job Seekers

For Skilled Immigrant Job Seekers

Upwardly Global is a national non-profit organization that provides comprehensive services, online and in person, to help work-authorized, skilled immigrants and refugees rebuild their professional careers in the U.S. These services include professional job-search training, coaching, and access to employers with global talent needs. To date, we have trained more than 11,000 skilled immigrants and have assisted more than 4,000 skilled immigrants back into their career fields.

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NOTE: The Upwardly Global program is currently experiencing a very high volume of applications and has a waiting list to join. We invite you to apply now; eligible program applicants will hear from our program staff as soon as a spot becomes available.


We have worked with more than 11,000 skilled immigrants like you and know how to help you overcome the obstacles you may encounter. Our goal is to help you get employers to notice your resume and understand the value of your professional experience. UpGlo will become part of your professional network and help you make the professional connections necessary to get a job in the U.S.

Our Job Seeker Services Program is free for skilled immigrants, refugees, asylees, SIVs, or parolees who meet the following requirements:

  1. Permanent resident/refugee/asylee/affirmative pending asylum status with full work authorization. Review this list of visa types to see if you are eligible for our full program or limited services.
  2. Bachelor's degree or higher from a non-U.S. institution
  3. Minimum of 2 years working experience outside the U.S.
  4. Living in the U.S. for 5 years or fewer*
  5. Have not worked in the U.S. in your professional field
  6. Possess computer skills and access, and intermediate+ English fluency
  7. Highly motivated and committed to completing training quickly and pursue a U.S. job search

*We cannot accept applications from those who live outside the United States.

View this video to learn more:


1. Pre-Training Assessment:

Learn more about Upwardly Global’s programs and services and prepare for core training. Take a free English assessment through our partner Education First, and begin work on your U.S. resume.

Get equipped with the skills and tools you need to rebuild your career in the U.S.  During our online training, you will be introduced to an industry advisor, customize your U.S. resume, write a cover letter in a U.S. style format, and improve your interview and networking skills.

Receive coaching from knowledgeable Upwardly Global staff, complete training catalog, and volunteers who will provide support in your job search and introductions to our Volunteer and Employer Network.


  • To obtain information about licensing and certification specific to your field, please visit our free online Licensed Professions Guide.

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