Support Inclusion of our Afghan Neighbors

Take Action Now to Support Afghans coming to the U.S.

This is a moment for individuals, NGOs, companies, foundations and government to work together to help resettle Afghans arriving in the United States and support their integration into our workforce – a key to successful inclusion. Here’s how you can help:


Help us to raise immediate funds to support 1,400+ Afghans with career skills training and workforce integration through our Haven Fund, focused on emergent needs. Upwardly Global has supported over 1,900 Afghans and SIVs, and is poised to support thousands more to restart their careers.


Match your company with Afghans who can fill critical professional roles through paid workforce learning opportunities, hiring, and top line trainings and credentials that connect immigrant skills to current labor market needs. For more information, connect with our Employer Partnerships team by filling out our contact form here.


Volunteer to conduct 1:1 mock interviews and resume reviews and share industry knowledge and introductions with Afghans and other immigrants and refugees. Email kaylas@upwardlyglobal.org or apply here.


Do you know arriving Afghans (or other immigrants or refugees) who could benefit from Upwardly Global’s career skills program? Share the UpGlo Program Flyer or this direct link. Questions? Contact outreach@upwardlyglobal.org

Are you an Afghan who wants support restarting your career?

Upwardly Global has helped over 1,900 translators, engineers, nonprofit workers, and embassy clerks who came to the U.S. on Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) with their professional job search needs.

Our free program offers 1:1 coaching, free courses and certifications, and connections to top-tier employers.

Upwardly Global will contact you within 2-3 weeks.

What makes Upwardly Global’s program unique? 

  • 100% free of charge, self-paced, and remotely accessible
  • 1:1 coaching from an UpGlo staff member
  • Connections with top employers and like-minded professionals
  • Free certifications from Microsoft, Google, Splunk, Udemy, Coursera & more

Not ready for the full program?

Click here to check out our introductory, free online U.S. workplace skills classes.


Click here for videos and more information about our program for Afghan job seekers.

Job Seekers

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Support workforce integration for Afghans coming to the U.S. – a critical step in inclusion.

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Employers and Volunteers

Hire Afghans, offer employer training and skill building programs, and volunteer.

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