In solidarity with Black communities, redoubling our efforts

In solidarity with Black communities, redoubling our efforts

Upwardly Global stands in solidarity with all those calling for Black communities to be treated with dignity and respect and for an end to the violence used against George Floyd and the countless others before him and now.

As an organization that eliminates barriers to employment for candidates from diverse backgrounds, what we know about firsthand are the intentional and unintentional systems of exclusion in the job market, especially for immigrants of color — and that Black candidates face some of the most significant challenges of all.

These past few months have been dispiriting with the uncertainty of the pandemic and the economic hardship and loss that it has caused, hitting communities of color hardest. This has been compounded by visceral reminders of prejudice and inequality. We are painfully reminded of the distance between our vision of a country that deeply values immigrants and all people precisely for their diversity of perspectives, faiths, places of origin, histories, and skin colors — and our reality today.

At Upwardly Global, we are committed to channeling this moment into effective action, and to being part of what we fervently hope will be a turning point in our nation’s journey to live up to our values.

In the space we control, we pledge to redouble our efforts:

(1) internally, to shape a workplace culture of listening and humility that gives more space and grace to staff and job candidates of color,
(2) in our work with companies, to support them in taking bold and decisive action on equity and inclusion by hiring and promoting diverse candidates, and
(3) through engaging with our donors and volunteers, so we can learn and support a more just country together.

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