Before Upwardly Global:
Home Health Aid
Current Profession:
Case Manager
Current Employer:
African Services Committee

Alizata holds the prestigious honor as Upwardly Global’s 300th placement! Originally from Cote d’Ivoire, Africa, she arrived in the U.S. with extensive hands-on sales and marketing experience.  In her home country, Alizata served as a Financial Counselor, doing important work helping to mobilize a group of community leaders to promote microfinance as a potential solution to help alleviate her country’s significant poverty.  According to the World Bank, in 2008 49% of people in Cote d’Ivoire lived on less than 1.25 US dollars. Alizata also worked with local small businesses, offering training in accounting, budgeting, management, and finance, working to help foster financial literacy in her community.

Despite her significant experience and accomplishments, after migrating to the U.S., the only work Alizata could find was as a home health aid.  Struggling to meet the needs of her nephews and nieces as well as the additional ten family members that she supports, Alizata came to Upwardly Global committed to making a better living for herself and her family and finding work that utilized her professional skills.  Her focus and determination paid off.  She accepted a position as a family case manager for the African Services Committee, working as an advocate for the rights of immigrants.  Fluent in Bambara, French, and English, Alizata now uses her skills and experience to serve the large African community in New York City in the same way she once served the community in her home country.

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