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As a physician in Ethiopia, Eden always devoted herself to helping underserved communities. She spent three years working in the rural countryside, despite the lack of access to modern technology and medications. When she decided to seek asylum in the U.S. after conditions in Ethiopia worsened, she planned to use her medical background to help others in America.

Once she arrived in the U.S., however, she was surprised to learn that entering the medical field as a foreign doctor was not as easy a transition as she had imagined. Relicensing as a physician in the U.S. brings a steep set of challenges. The process can cost tens of thousands of dollars — making it out of reach for many newcomers, who then opt to take jobs unrelated to their professional field in order to survive and support their families.

Determined to get back to her career, Eden submitted her resume, unsuccessfully, to countless institutions around the country. Finally, she got an opportunity to do an observation in a private clinic in Atlanta. Shortly after, she found Upwardly Global, and our coaches helped her improve her resume and interviewing skills while she completed the steps to secure a residency placement.

Earlier this year, Eden was matched into a residency program in internal medicine at a New York City hospital and has started the program that will bring her back to her goal of being a practicing doctor. After completing the residency, she hopes to pursue a fellowship in endocrinology. “I think it would be a privilege to continue to work with the underserved,” she said.

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